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Exceptional Learners Staff Directory


Dr. Alicia Gatewood Director of Exceptional Learners
Jennifer Culhan Assistant Director of Exceptional Learners
Audrey Kelly Early Childhood Coordinator
Richelle Dumas Behavior & Mental Health Consultant
Allison Sutherland Administrative Assistant - Compliance Monitor/Student Records
Tela Ruth Administrative Assistant - Fiscal Officer


Intervention Consultants

Gillian Johnson Autism Consultant                          
Eric Steele Behavior Consultant
Laura Kruse-Phillips SLP / AT Specialist 
Christopher Mueller Behavior Consultant


School Psychologists

Paulina Ballesteros EES/ELC
Jessica Egger GCES/NAS/ Middle Schools
Vicky Coppock DRES/ECES/ Middle Schools
Kristie Carter FCPA/SCES/ Middle Schools
Marci Martin PHS/ Middle Schools
Kevin Conboy CES/ CPES/ Middle Schools

Kirsten Falck                                                                          INTERN - LMS

Speech Language Pathologists

Natalie Duerksen FCPA/GCMS                                                                   
Margie Rogers-Mendoza ELC
Mariel Grove  SNES/LMS
Cheryl Nichols ELC
Mollie Bobay EES
Deb Pesut CPES/LMS
Dorothy Gerve ECES/NAN
Emily Vaughn ELC
Corianne Myer NAS/NAN
Rebecca Orr GCES/GCMS
Michaela Austin DRES/CES
Samantha Miller PHS/PFC
Julie Emery CES


Visually Impaired/Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Barb Wesselman Deaf & Hard of Hearing              
Karen Jones Blind & Low Vision


Related Service Personnel

Molly Kelly Physical Therapist NAS/DRES/ ECES/ GCES/GCMS/ SCES/ ELC
Modupe Ositelu Physical Therapist CES/ FCPA/ EES/ LMS/ PHS/ CPES/PFC/NAN
  Occupational Therapist NAS/ NAN /GCES/GCMS
Brian Addlesberger Occupational Therapist SCES/ELC
Paula Paul Occupational Therapist PHS/ PFC/ FCPA/ELC
Allison Cattin Occupational Therapist CPES/ CES
Leslie Young Occupational Therapist