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The purpose of budget development is to estimate the funds required to operate the School Corporation’s instructional and operations activities during a given calendar year.  Budget development includes the formulation and distribution of individual school and department budget preparation materials and the synthesis of these into a Pike Proposed Budget that is advertised and presented to the community and Board of Education.  Following any adjustments based on the public hearing and will of the Board, the budget is submitted to the Department of Local Government Finance (DLGF) via Gateway, who may further adjust the budget amounts or tax rates.  Final approval of the DLGF is received via the 1782 Notice.  Once the 1782 Notice is received the budget is adjusted as needed, uploaded into the financial system, and the Approved Budget document is published for the calendar year.

2024-Form 3 Notice to Taxpayers 

2024-Capital Projects Plan

2024 Bus Replacement Plan


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