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Resources For Parents

The community asked the school board questions and the responses are linked above.
Cable in the Classroom's Media Literacy 101
A resource for teachers and parents that gives strategies for teaching children about media literacy
College for Parents
This website provides information about SAT, college planning, scholarships, and career planning for parents
Education World: Parents Center
Provides resources for parents including activities, information on homeschooling, college prep and more
Indiana Digital Library
Gateway to Internet resources such as electronic magazines, books, reference materials; also offers homework help for students and resources for teachers; must have a valid public library card to access
Family Education
General information for families on all aspects of child raising, includes specifics for different ages, community, and food
NEA: Parents
National Education Association's resource for parents, discuss ways parents can get involved in their children's education
U.S. Department of Education - for Parents
General information for parents about how to help your students, includes information on NCLB, federal student aid, school data, and more
a San Francisco based non-profit organization that advocates on child and family issues, and studies the effects that media and technology have on young users
College Planning Advice from the ACT people