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Here Comes the Bus


            Here Comes the Bus®: A school bus tracking app for parents 


Mornings can be a stressful time. Getting ready for work. Getting your kids ready for school. So what if – at least when it came to making sure your kids didn’t miss the bus – you could remove any added stress? No more worrying at the office if they’re standing in the dark, or cold, for an untold amount of time. No more worry if they’ve made it to school safely. And no more worry in the afternoons, wondering if they’ve made it home safely.


That’s the beauty of Here Comes the Bus®. Because with Here Comes the Bus both you and your children will know where the bus is. Which means you and your kids will know when it’s time to catch it. And for parents, all this information can be accessed whether you’re at home or at work.


Click here to download the Parent How To Get Started Flyer in English

Click here to download the Parent How To Get Started Flyer in Spanish


To access Here Comes the Bus® through the web browser, click here


You can contact Transportation at 317-280-2450 to assist you with Bus Information between the hours of 8 AM - 4 PM.


Safety For Your Children

No longer do your children have to wait in the dark, freezing temperatures, pouring rain or hot sun. With Here Comes the Bus® parents will know when their child’s bus is arriving, reducing the time their children spend standing by the side of the road.

 Savings For Your School

For transportation managers, Here Comes the Bus® means children know when their bus will arrive, so there are fewer missed pickups, or delays, which means routes are run quicker, burning less fuel.

Service From Your School

No longer do parents need to call the school to check on the status of their children’s bus. It’s the kind of service that parents should expect in an era where technology allows for service and convenience like never before. It also shows parents that their district is committed to both safety and service.

How Does it Work?

With GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers now standard on most school buses, Here Comes the Bus® translates that information into an easy to follow program, and customizable map, that works on either a computer, tablet or smartphone, which allows you to see where the bus is and how close it is to your home.


Sign Up Today!

Use School Code 74592 

**You will need your child's school issued student ID number to Register

**Student ID number(s) can be found in Skyward-Family Access


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