Curriculum and Professional Development

The Office of Curriculum and Professional Development creates and sustains a strong, vital curriculum for social, emotional, and intellectual student development. The department strives to support teaching and learning in a variety of ways. The curriculum is aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards and Employability Standards that focus on College and Career Readiness. This allows for a cohesive K-12 progression in essential learning concepts. The department oversees the following programs and grants: English Language Learners, High Ability, Title I, Title III, Title IV, Non-English Speaking Program, School Improvement, District and Statewide Assessments, and Kindergarten Entrance. 

Dr. Maggie Bishop picture




Dr. Maggie Bishop

Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Christine Brenner picture




Christine Brenner

Director of Elementary Education

Greg Nunley Jr.




Gregory Nunley

Director of Secondary Education

Dr. Larry Huff picture

Dr. Larry Huff

District Coordinator of K-8 School Improvement

Adenike Harmon picture

Adenike Harmon

District Intervention Coordinator


Missy Burnside

District Research and Data Coordinator




Christine Brenner  Director of Elementary Education  (317) 387-2568
Kelsey Vickrey Administrative Assistant (317) 387-2568
Gregory Nunley, Jr. Director of Secondary Education (317) 387-2216
Christine Sipe-Lloyd Administrative Assistant (317) 387-2216
Dr. Larry Huff

District Coordinator of K-8
School Improvement

(317) 387-2220
Adenike Harmon District Intervention Coordinator (317) 387-2294
Missy Burnside Coordinator of Research & Data (317) 387-2569
Sandy Baker District Instructional Specialist (317) 387-2538
Tim Davidson District Instructional Specialist   (317) 387-2531
Erin Naylor District Instructional Specialist (317) 387-2536
Tracy Swinton District Instructional Specialist (317) 387-2277
Audrey Cope District Technology
Integration Specialist
(317) 387-2592
Laura Ebbens District Navigation Specialist (317) 387-2517
Nicole Faulkner District Navigation Specialist (317) 387-2518