Technical Specifications

Auditorium Capacity:
  • Auditorium floor: 1049 seats- 26 additional wheel chair spaces
  • Balcony: 400 seats accessible only by 42 steps and has no restrooms

Load-in Point:

  • The loading dock is located just west of the main entrance to the lobby. It is a ground level dock.   Larger shows should come equipped with lifts or ramps.
  • There are then a series of doors before one reaches the stage. The loading door is 12’ wide 10’ tall.  The greatest constriction occurs at the third door which measures 7’ wide by 9’10” tall.  The fourth and final door which enters directly stage left is 8’6” wide and 10’ tall.  The total distance from the first door to the stage is 90’.

Dressing Rooms

Stage Right Dressing Rooms:

  • These dressing rooms are accessible in two ways. The first door is located stage right downstage of the proscenium.  The second is through the upstage crossover doors.
  • There are 2-2 person star dressing rooms each with a rack, a mirror, a sink, and a toilet
  • There are 2-20 person chorus rooms with a rack, sink, and toilets
  • Stage right dressing rooms have no showers

Stage Left Dressing Rooms:

  • These are also accessible in two ways. The first door is located stage left downstage of the proscenium.  The second is through a door backstage left
  • There are 2-2 person star dressing rooms each with a rack, a mirror, and a sink. They share a toilet and a shower
  • There are 2-20 person chorus rooms with a rack, sink, toilets, and shower.

Both Dressing Room Areas:

  • There are audio monitors providing house audio to both dressing room areas and crossover.
  • Drinking fountains are located in both areas
  • Steamers, irons, and ironing boards are available upon request
  • Production office is located back stage left

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium width is 51’9”
  • Proscenium height is 24’
  • Rear of fire curtain guide to upstage wall is 38’6”
  • Rear of fire curtain guide to upstage most batten is 36’8”
  • Center line to stage right locking rail is 48’0”
  • Center line to stage left shell storage is 70’0”
  • Obstructions
    • Height change 30’ right of center to 25’ (Air Ducts)
    • Height change 56’ left of center to 25’
    • 6’x6’ stair cage located 36’ right of center, 6’ from upstage wall
  • Depth of proscenium arch is 3’2” including fire curtain guide
  • Rear of fire curtain guide to front of stage is 7’
  • Rear of fire curtain guide to front of orchestra pit is 11’ at sides and 17’ at center
  • Floor area down left and right of proscenium to house walls are approx. 12’x9’
  • Stairs from stage to house are at both sides of the stage at 35’ from center and are 3’6” wide.
  • Apron height from house level is 3’6”
  • Stage flooring is sprung with a black Forbo Marmolium (linoleum type covering)
  • Distance from front of stage to projection screen is 17’

Fly System

  • Single purchase counterweight system
  • Total of 41 line sets
    • Battens 1-5 are 72’ wide
    • Battens 6-28 are 76’ wide
    • Battens 39-45 are 72’ wide
    • 2nd and 3rd Electrics are on double battens
  • Pipes are 1½” OD
  • Capacity of each arbor has not been determined. Probably 1,200-1,500#
  • Maximum trim height for pipes is 60’. Pipes fly in to various heights between 3-5’
  • Available weight is well over 6,000#
  • Orchestra shell pipes are not available as “tie down” pipes
  • We have no storage for our soft goods, lighting equipment, screen or shell, thus we can not do a complete strip.
  • The main rag does not travel

Lighting Systems

  • Colortran dimming system using DMX 512 protocol
  • 288 dimmers (2.4K), controlling 280 circuits. These include orchestra shell, offstage work lights, pit safety lights, and house lights.
  • ETC ION, w/ remote
  • Guest lighting board can be installed in the booth, backstage right, or in the orchestra pit. All using standard 5-pin DMX
  • Follow spots: 2 Lycian Midget HP with a 575W metal halide lamp located in two booth spot bays.  They both have a chopper, and iris, and a “boomerang” located in the center of the instrument.  The boomerang has a douser and is capable of holding 5 colors.

Lighting Instruments

Lighting Instrument Inventory

Quantity                            Type                                Wattage
56                                   6″ Colortran Fresnel        750W
6                                     Altman 3-Cell Far Cyc     1000W
19                                   15º Colortran Leko          1000W
49                                   20º Colortran Leko         1000W
24                                   26º Source Four                575W
29                                   30º Colortran Leko         1000W
22                                   36º Source Four                575W
4                                     50º Source Four Barrels


  • All quantities are subject to change. Due to age and use, repair is sometimes necessary thus some units must be temporarily removed from our available inventory.

 Lighting Positions

  • FOH lighting uses all 24 FOH catwalk circuits and is 4 systems of color washes with 6 instruments in each system. Two systems consist of 6 twofered 20° lekos using three circuits.   These are focused on the pit/apron.  The second two systems consist of 6 twofered 15° lekos using three circuits for each color.   These are focused on the stage.  There are two 20° specials at FOH center.  Two 15° specials and three 20° specials are on either FOH pipe end.
  • There is one house box boom located one on either side of the house roughly 16 feet above the stage floor. Each has five 30° instruments all circuited individually.
  • Onstage lighting consists of five electrics
  • Electric one has two front light washes consisting of six Fresnel per wash.
  • Electrics three and four have three backlight systems of 6 Fresnel per color per pipe.
  • Electric five has six sets of Altman far cycs with read green and blue in the three cells.
  • Electrics one through four have three pipe end systems consisting of two 20° and one 30° instruments.
  • There are several specials located throughout electrics 1 through 3 and can be moved as needed.
  • Three floor pockets are located on each side of the stage and three located upstage with two circuits in each box. There are also three six circuit drop boxes on each side of the stage.
  • There are eight booms, ten feet tall; with fifty pound bases located four to a side.

Electrical System

  • 1 switch, 3 phase 100 amp located in the scene shop
  • 1 switch, 3 phase 200 amp located backstage left
  • 1 switch, 3 phase 600 amp located backstage left

Main Amplification System

  • Our FOH reinforcement system consists of Bose RoomMatch linearrays and Bose PowerMatch amplification.
    • Consisting of two arrays, five boxes each
    • Four low frequency drivers are hung downstage center.
  • Audio mixing is typically performed from the booth using a Roland M-480 Digital console.
  • Main stereo speakers are hung 30+ feet from the deck down right and left of the proscenium.
  • All EQ adjustments must be made on the board.
  • Monitors consist of four large EV floor monitors with 2” Horn and 15” Drivers.
  • The equalization of the two monitor mixes (two speakers each) is performed from the booth by a two channel 31 band graphic equalizer.

Sound System Accessories

  • 1 Tascam 122 MKII cassette deck
  • 2 Dennon C635 CD Players
  • Telex Soundmate personal listening system with 9 units for hearing impaired

Audio Connection Points

  • Monitors 1 USL, 1USR, 1DSL, 1DSR
  • Guest board hook up is at the rear of the house. Requires the unpatching of house board.
    • 3-pin xlr female
      • 24 channel inputs
    • 3-pin xlr male
      • Stereo L/R out
      • Aux 1 & 2 out
      • Matrix 1 & 2 out
      • Group 1-4 out
    • ¼ TRS female
      • Group 1 in
      • Tape 1 & 2 in
      • Aux 3 & 4 out
    • 3-pin xlr female connections
      • 10 stage right proscenium
      • 10 stage left proscenium
      • 3 in each of four floor pockets located two per side of the stage
      • 12 in pit
      • 12 drop box
      • 10 in catwalk
    • All microphone hardwired patching is done at the patch bay in the booth


  • 4 SM-58 Wireless Handheld
  • 6 SM-58
  • 4 Blue Encore
  • 6 SM-57
  • 3 SM-81
  • 4 PZM
  • 4 PCC
  • 4 AT8533 hanging microphones
  • 14 straight mic stands
  • 10 boom mic stands
  • Approximately two dozen 25’ microphone cables
  • We have very few audio adapters

Telex Communications System

  • Power supply located in booth
  • Hook up points (wireless belt packs work in most areas)
    • Sound booth
    • Lighting booth
    • One per spot bay
    • Down stage left
    • Down stage right
    • Shop
    • Stage right dressing rooms
    • Box office
    • FOH catwalk
    • Dimmer Room
  • Wireless belt packs
    • Single muff
    • 6 AA batteries each
  • Four wired belt packs
    • Double muff

Crew Notes

  • All renters of the facility are required to hire one student crew person for the duration of their time in the theatre. This is in addition to the Technical Director or the person working in his place.
  • The user of the facility should work closely with the TD of PPAC to ensure that there will be a sufficient number of crew for the show. While the TD will make every effort to keep the number of crew people down, the TD does have the final say on numbers.   These numbers may be changed up or down depending on the conditions brought about by the show.  The renter will be responsible for all costs incurred.
  • The crew that may be hired to run your shown may be students from the attached Pike High School, college students, or local professionals. Circumstances may require the TD to hire outside of the level of crew that may be selected.  The renter is still responsible for all crew costs.
  • Union labor will be scheduled according to traditional stage hade rules. All calls are subject to a four-hour minimum.   A fifteen minute break will be scheduled after two hours of work.  A meal break will be scheduled after four ours of work and no later than five hours of work.  A meal break is one hours off the clock.  If no meal break is provided after five hours of work, all remaining time will be paid at time and one-half.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  Onstage activity may continue only at the discretion of the Technical Director.
  • All union stage hands are paid overtime after eight hours each day
  • Please do not make the assumption that the TD of Pike PAC will also be the TD for our show.
  • Any crew person working in the theatre are subject to approval by the technical director. The user will agree that the Technical Director has the final say on who may or may not work on the stage or operate certain stage equipment.  The TD may request a person’s removal from the sage at any time.

Fly Line Schedule

FC 0’6″ Fire Curtain (Operated by buttons SL & SR Never
1 1’8″ Main Curtain (Red) – 34′ Tall Never
2 2’4″ Main Black Teaser – 70′ x 10′ No
3 3’0″ Main Black Tormentors -12′ x 29′ No
4 3’8″ 1st ELECTRIC Never
5 4’4″ Front Projection Screen – 24′ x 16′ (28′ x 22′ Frams) Never
  5’0″ NO LINESET  
6 5’8″ Orchestra Shell #1 Never
  6’4″ Orchestra Shell Cable Pick Arbor (No Pipe) Never
7 7’0″ OPEN  
8 7’8″ OPEN  
9 8’4″ Black Border #1 – 76′ x 10′ (w/Drop Mics) No
10 9’0″ Black Traveler/Legs #1 – 40′ x 29′ each half No
  9’8″ NO LINESET  
11 10’4″ OPEN  
12 11’0″ 2nd ELECTRIC Never
  11’8″ NO LINESET  
13 12’4″ OPEN  
14 13’0″ OPEN  
  13’8″ NO LINESET  
15 14’4″ Orchestra Shell #2 Never
  15’0″ Orchestra Shell Cable Pick Arbor (No Pipe) Never
16 15’8″ OPEN  
17 16’4″ OPEN  
18 17’0″ Black Border #2 – 76′ x 10′ No
19 17’8″ Black Legs #2 – 12′ x 29′ No
20 18’4″ OPEN  
21 19’0″ OPEN  
  19’8″ NO LINESET  
22 20’4″ NO LINESET  
23 21’0″ 3rd ELECTRIC Never
24 21’8″ OPEN  
  22’4″ NO LINESET  
25 23’0″ Orchestra Shell #3 Never
26 24’4″ NO LINESET  
27 25’0″ Black Border #3 – 76′ x 10′ No
28 25’8″ Black Legs #3 – 12′ x 29′ No
29 26’4″ OPEN  
30 27’0″ OPEN  
31 27’8″ OPEN  
  28’4″ NO LINESET  
32 29’0″ NO LINESET  
33 29’8″ 4th ELECTRIC Never
34 30’4″ NO LINESET  
35 31’0″ Black Border #4 – 76′ x 10- No
36 31’8″ Black Traveler/Legs #4 – 40′ x 29′ each half Never
37 31’4″ Black Scrim No
38 33’0″ OPEN  
39 33’8″ 5th ELECTRIC (CYC Lights) Never
  34’4″ NO LINESET  
40 35’0″ OPEN  
41 35’8″ OPEN  
42 36’4″ OPEN  
43 37’0″ Cyclorama (White) 68′ x 30′ (Too tall to fly out of view) No
44 37’8″ Red Border “sound baffle” to muffle back wall reflection  
WALL 38’6″ Concrete Columns of Rear Wall  


  • The Technical Director of Pike Performing Arts Center has the final say over all fly system operations. This includes crew, what position things are flown from, and whether something is safe to fly.   Please consult with the TD about all fly system requirements prior to your load-in.  Safety will always be the number one priority.