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    Pike Family,

    Out of extreme caution for our staff and students, all MSD of Pike Township schools will start on August 11, 2020, with remote or virtual learning until Labor Day at which time a review of COVID-19 data will be used to determine whether schools can open for in-person instruction. Due to our delayed start, expect adjustments to our previously scheduled Fall and Thanksgiving Break schedules.
    If it becomes necessary to pause in-person learning at any time, we will move to remote learning.

    Click here to see our 2020-2021 Back To School Plan in English

    Click here to see our 2020-2021 Back To School Plan in Spanish

    Questions may be submitted via pthotline@pike.k12.in.us


    In order to complete the 2020-21 Return to School Form, please log in to your Skyward Family Access account. Please note, you will not be able to access the form by logging in via a student account. If you need assistance with login or form completion, please contact your child’s school. The default option for families who do not make a selection by July 24th will be the in-person option.

    To change your selection prior to July 24th:

    Select “Online Form” from the Home Menu on the left

    Click “View”

    Select “Mark as not completed and make changes” at the top of the form

    Click on “Custom Form” on the right side and make desired changes

    After finished, click “Submit 20-2021 Return to School Form” button

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which schools send students to PCSC?
Students who attend Pike High School or Pike Preparatory Academy are all eligible to attend PCSC.

How many students are enrolled in Pike Career & STEM Center programs?
Pike Career & STEM Center boasts an average enrollment of approximately 1,400 students.

I am planning to go to college, so why would I attend Pike Career & STEM Center
The Pike Career & STEM Center (PCSC) is not an “either/or” choice. If a PCSC program is related to a student’s career goal, it will benefit that student to enroll in the PCSC. All PCSC programs offer dual college credit opportunities. Each year, PCSC students earn college credits and industry recognized certifications.

Can I attend Pike Career & STEM Center and still earn an honors diploma?
Absolutely! Appropriate planning of a student’s four-year high school schedule can allow a student to attend PCSC and earn a Technical Honors Diploma and/or Academic Honors Diploma.  Past graduates include members of the Top 30 students.

How old do I have to be to enroll in Pike Career & STEM Center?
Students need to be at least a junior in high school with the exception of Health Science 1 which will allow sophomore students.

How much of my school day will be spent at Pike Career & STEM Center?
Approximately one half of the school day will be at Pike Career & STEM Center and the other half will be in traditional academic courses. Students enrolled in the morning session will begin at 7:15 am or 8:06 am and dismiss at 10:02 am or 10:58 am. Students enrolled in the afternoon session will begin at 11:27 and dismiss at 2:23 pm.

Is it possible for me to attend Pike Career & STEM Center my senior year only?
Yes! While most of our programs offer two years of career and technical education training, it is not a requirement to attend both years. It is very beneficial for senior students to complete the first year curriculum of any PCSC program.

How many high school credits will I earn by completing a PCSC program?
Students have opportunity to earn up to 3 high school credits each semester.

How do PCSC students get to and from PCSC each day?
As students are only from the MSD of Pike Township, the majority of our students are here with us daily.  Students from Pike Preparatory Academy (PPA) are bused from their campus daily to and from their PCSC courses.

Are students charged tuition to attend PCSC?
No! There is no tuition charge for attending PCSC. While there is no tuition charge, most programs require minimal lab/kit/uniform fees. These fees will provide students the appropriate attire, consumable materials and supplies associated with the career training program. Required fees should not prevent any student from attending Pike Career & STEM Center. Concerned families should contact PCSC’s Treasurer to discuss low-stress payment options.

How do I enroll in a Pike Career & STEM Center program?
Fill out a Pike Career & STEM Center application beginning in January of every year and submit it to your guidance counselor. Pike Career & STEM Center application can be found on the PCSC website or in your school counselor’s office.