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Curtis L. WrightPrincipal

Curtis L. Wright (

As we enter into the 2019-2020 school year, I am happy to report that excitement is alive and well here at New Augusta North! It was humbling to see so many faculty & staff members in the building this summer working vigorously to make this school year one to remember.

Thus far, we have gotten off to a great start. Our school’s leadership team has worked hard this month to ensure the continuance of our collective pursuit of excellence. We have put systematic procedures in place to support the achievement of all students in and out of the classroom. Furthermore, the overall vision remains the same. We will provide selfless service to every student while placing them in positions to be successful as reflective scholars and passionate learners. In addition, we will enhance overall school pride while building camaraderie amongst one another.

In conclusion, our community’s commitment to excellence is the secret behind our celebrated success. The pride of the Phoenix is contagious. For this reason, goals have been accomplished and dreams have come true.  We will continue to build upon the legacy and tradition that has become New Augusta Public Academy North. 


Bill RigssAssistant Principal 

Bill Riggs




Assistant Principal

Tymika Payne