Exceptional Learners Staff Directory

Last Updated: 3/4/2022 4:30 PM


Megan Ahlers Director of Exceptional Learners ELDept@pike.k12.in.us
Jennifer Culhan Assistant Director of Exceptional Learners ELDept@pike.k12.in.us
Monét Gray Administrative Assistant ELDept@pike.k12.in.us
Richelle Dumas Student Assistance Consultant rldumas@pike.k12.in.us
Torria Buckley Administrative Assistant - Compliance Monitor tlbuckley@pike.k12.in.us
Audrey Kelly Early Childhood Coordinator ajkelly@pike.k12.in.us


 Intervention Consultants

Gillian Johnson Autism Consultant gjohnson@pike.k12.in.us
Eric Steele Behavior Consultant esteele@pike.k12.in.us
Laura Kruse-Phillips SLP / AT Specialist  lkruse@pike.k12.in.us


School Psychologists

Paulina Ballesteros School Psychologist paballesteros@pike.k12.in.us
Jessica Egger School Psychologist jaegger@pike.k12.in.us
Marsha Guy School Psychologist mlguy@pike.k12.in.us
Vicky Coppock School Psychologist vcoppock@pike.k12.in.us
Kristie Carter School Psychologist kmcarter@pike.k12.in.us
Marci Martin School Psychologist mlmartin@pike.k12.in.us
Kevin Conboy School Psychologist kpconboy@pike.k12.in.us
Mary Lou Woods School Psychologist mlwoods@pike.k12.in.us

 Speech Language Pathologists

Carly Young Speech Language Pathologist cayoung@pike.k12.in.us
Kenzie Reed Speech Language Pathologist mreed@pike.k12.in.us
Mariel Grove Speech Language Pathologist mgrove@pike.k12.in.us
Cheryl Nichols Speech Language Pathologist canichols@pike.k12.in.us
Mollie Bobay Speech Language Pathologist mabobay@pike.k12.in.us
Deb Pesut Speech Language Pathologist dpesut@pike.k12.in.us
Dorothy Gerve Speech Language Pathologist dgerve@pike.k12.in.us
Kelly Miller Speech Language Pathologist kamiller@pike.k12.in.us
Corianne Myer Speech Language Pathologist clmyer@pike.k12.in.us
Aleeya Reynolds Speech Language Pathologist areynolds@pike.k12.in.us
Michaela Austin Speech Language Pathologist maaustin@pike.k12.in.us
Patricia Johnson Speech Language Pathologist pmjohnson@pike.k12.in.us

Related Service Personnel

Molly Kelly Physical Therapist mjkelly@pike.k12.in.us
Modupe Ositelu Physical Therapist moositelu@pike.k12.in.us
Cassie Conner Occupational Therapist acconner@pike.k12.in.us
Paula Paul Occupational Therapist ppaul@pike.k12.in.us
Sharon Sommerville Occupational Therapist ssommerv@pike.k12.in.us
Leslie Young Occupational Therapist lyoung@pike.k12.in.us
Brad Leatherman Adaptive PE jbleatherman@pike.k12.in.us


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