Loving Care

Last Updated: 9/8/2021 2:39 PM
Welcome to the Loving Care Program! Loving Care is open to any child who is currently enrolled in a Pike Township School, is in Kindergarten through Grade 6, and is not older than 12 years old.

As a part of the Metropolitan School District of Pike Township, we provide before and after school child care at all Pike Township elementary schools. We also offer child care during school breaks, holidays, intersessions, and vacations. 

The purpose of the Loving Care Program is to provide a safe and caring environment in which children can work and play with adult supervision in those hours before and after school when there is no one at home. Children make new friends, practice academic skills, and develop lifeskills as they are guided to cooperate and share with others. Our program provides supervised homework time, and allows students to choose from a variety of activities, including arts and crafts, recreational games, computer lab time, outdoor play, and more!
If you are interested in enrolling your child in our program, please call (317) 388-7836.