Last Updated: 11/6/2020 1:54 PM

The MSD of Pike Township is committed to pursuing excellence in education for both its educators and its scholars. Higher standards require greater efforts to produce innovative educational programs and consistently high student achievement at all levels. Pike Township teachers have been trained in Best Instructional Practices, which are aligned with the Indiana Academic Standards, data-driven instruction, and district initiatives. In addition, the use of differentiated instruction helps to ensure that all students are working to their fullest potential.

Elementary students are exposed to a vast array of exciting and challenging learning experiences in grades kindergarten through five. Core subjects are incorporated into units of study that are aligned to the college and career ready Indiana Academic Standards and linked to big ideas or themes, making it meaningful and relevant to real life experiences. Also woven into their academic studies, students enjoy a tapestry of art, music, and physical education. These learning experiences help build strong character during the elementary school years. Team building, collaboration, experiments, hands-on activities, and engaging study trips provide opportunities for students to apply their knowledge and skills in real-life settings. Another strong component of the elementary school program includes a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities, which help students continue their learning journey and to hone life skills that ensure success. In elementary schools, students develop a strong academic and social-emotional base upon which future growth is built and enhanced at the middle school level. Our High Ability (HA) Program is available in the elementary schools beginning at the first grade level to students who are identified as academically gifted.

Recognizing the importance of these formative years, the MSD of Pike Township has strengthened Middle School academic rigor to continue building the foundation for an educational environment committed to academic excellence. This environment is responsive to the unique needs of adolescent learners and includes: challenging curricula, student engaging activities, critical thinking for deeper understanding, and opportunities that allow students to succeed.  Middle school students also have a plethora of options for extracurricular involvement in athletics, performing arts, STEM, and other enriching activities.

Pike High School offers a comprehensive curriculum of 250 different courses, well exceeding what is offered at most private and parochial schools. All freshmen start their 9th grade year in the Freshman Academy. There, specially trained staff members create a nurturing atmosphere for students with safety nets and programming specifically designed for freshmen. The Freshman Center’s focus is to help develop the academic and social skills necessary for success in an academically rigorous high school career. Success skills have been identified and are taught and reinforced in all of the students’ classes. Students begin a process of exploration both of themselves and of the wide variety of career options available to them.

In their sophomore year, students enter into their chosen career focused academy. Career Academies are small learning communities organized around broad-based career themes that integrate school, business, and community resources to prepare all students for a successful transition in to adult life. Within each academy, core subjects and electives are infused with career-related information and opportunities for applied learning and project-based learning experiences. Courses are taught within a context of rigorous academic standards and relevancy. Student Academy options include: Business & Information Technology, Judicial & Global Studies, Medical & Allied Health, Performing Arts, Science & Engineering, and Visual Arts & Communications.