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Coach Graves is a graduate of Indiana University where he received a B.S in Physical Education. Coach Graves has more than 20 years of football coaching experience. During his collegiate coaching career he served in various positions as a assistant at Butler University, Indiana State University, and Indiana University. In 2000, Graves was honored to receive an NFL Minority Fellowship as an Assistant Running Backs coach for the San Francisco 49ers. This is where he learned the importance of practicing with tempo. The 49ers planned practice and staff meetings down to the smallest detail from start to finish, which made an impression on Graves, who is known as a meticulous planner.

A true believer in the direct approach, Graves' coaching philosophy mirrors his philosophy about life. Graves says "It is important to be who you are, keep it real and be true to what you are."  He adds, "As coaches, we are teachers. You have to challenge them physically and mentally. To develop football players, you have to raise the bar as you go, and then lower it at times to generate success. Then, you have to raise it again to inspire growth."



Anthony Law - Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks

Rodney Deckard - Defensive Coordinator

Randy Cooper - Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line

Chris Raphael - Defensive Line/Director of Football Operations

Ken McMichael - Director of Player Development/Safeties

Mark Booth - Wide Receivers

Taj Darby - Wide Receivers

Brent Ash - Running Backs

Josh Lazaro - Linebackers

Melvin Graham - Cornerbacks

Mike Newton - Kickers/Punters

Tony Garrett - Freshman Head Coach/Running Backs

Terrence White - Freshman Linebackers

Miles Clark - Freshman Wide Receivers

Sean Jones - Freshman Offensive Line

Marty Hinojosa - Freshman Quarterbacks

Austin Taylor - Freshman Defensive Line

Lawrence Colbert - Freshman Defensive Backs

Moe Sutton - Strength & Conditioning

Lauren Hannah - Academic Initiative Coordinator

David Barlow - Equipment Manager



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