General Athletic Information

A student's academic success is the first priority of the MSD of Pike Township. To be academically eligible to try out for or to participate in a sport, a student must have earned a GPA of a minimum 2.0 for the most recent 9-week (Quarter) grading term. Students who do not meet the 2.0 GPA standard are not eligible to participate.

In-season academic performance will be monitored on a regular basis for members of all athletic teams, including team managers. Any team member not meeting the 2.0 GPA standard at the time of a grade check is placed on academic probation. Academic probation means that:

     1. The student may continue to participate in practices, but is not eligible for


     2. The student is required to attend study tables, help sessions, tutorials,

         and other interventions to assist him or her in obtaining the grades

         necessary to regain contest eligibility. Students who regain contest

         eligibility are still required to participate in the previously-mentioned




The athletic forms, including the IHSAA physical examination form, are available as a complete packet. The Compliance Packet is available in Student Services, from the athletic director, or on the GCMS athletic web site.


In order to participate on any athletic team, a student must first complete and turn in the Compliance Packet. The packet must be turned in or sent directly to the athletic director, Mr. Dawkins.  Coaches are not allowed to accept any of these forms. Incomplete packets will not be accepted. All forms must be turned in to the athletic director at least one day before the first scheduled practice or try-out date for a sport. Coaches will allow students to participate in a tryout or practice only after they are informed by Mr. Dawkins that all of the necessary compliance packet information has been received.


Parents or guardians of student-athletes are required to attend a Student/Parent Handbook meeting held at the beginning of each sport season. Parents/guardians are also required to sign a handbook acknowledgement form. No student-athlete will compete in an athletic event before the meeting and acknowledgement form requirements are met. The complete handbook can also be accessed on the Pike Athletic web page.



In addition to the academic standards, student-athletes must also meet behavioral expectations both on and off the field and court. Those who represent themselves and the school on teams must first represent themselves well during the school day. Athletes who violate district, school, or team policies, rules, directives, or guidelines may be suspended from participation in the sport or cut from the team for the remainder of the season.

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