Are you worried about how to pay for college and wants to know how it can become more affordable? Maybe some scholarships can help relieve the stress of paying for colleges. Below I have listed some websites that would be beneficial for you to begin your scholarship search.

 Cappex | | Fast web | Unigo |Scholarship owl 

Also here are a couple tips that can perhaps help you when applying for scholarships.

  • Know what type of scholarship you are applying to. Is it a scholarship with an essay? Do you have to send in a video? Does this scholarship meet all of your criteria? Do you meet all of the scholarship's criteria? This is important to think about when applying since you don't want to apply for something that you are not fully interested in. 
  • Apply for local scholarships.  Many communities tend to offer scholarships through organizations, clubs, or small businesses. You can ask your school counselor for any available scholarships or you can search the internet and see what kinds of scholarships they offer nearby. The odds of actually winning a local scholarship is higher than national scholarships since it would become less competitive.
  • Know the deadlines for the scholarship(s) that you are applying to. This is a huge deal to know the deadlines for each scholarship you are applying to since you probably don't want to wait until the last minute and forget to submit your application. Most scholarships will most likely not even take a glance at your application if you submit it after the deadline. It is better to always submit your applications a week or two earlier than needed.