New School Year Registration

Pike High School's Registration 2020-2021

Pike High School is hosting its annual registration for returning students on Tuesday, July 28.  Due to COVID-19 physical distancing requirements, it is necessary to break the day up into two sessions.  It is imperative that everyone adheres to physical distancing guidelines and wears a mask while in the building at all times.

Session 1: Last Names A – L: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Session 2: Last Names M – Z: 4:00pm – 7:00pm 

Grades 10-12: Registration will be held in the main campus. ONLY the student will be permitted to enter the building.  To keep the crowd at a minimum, no parents or siblings will be admitted.

Grade 9: Registration will be held in the freshman center.  Students can have ONE adult with them if desired.

For students that are unable to attend, all class lists will be available on Skyward. School pictures for the yearbook and ID’s will be taken during the school day when school resumes.  Counselors may be contacted by eMail if you need to contact them before school concerning your class list:

Tiffany Blanks:  A – B  (

Lynn Starkey:  C – Fa  (

Randi Cialdella:  Fe – H (

Suzy Nielsen:  I – Mar (

Dorian Jenkins:  Mas – Pl (

Harry Mamlin:  Po – Step (

Qiana Miller:  Stev – Z (

Please remember, anyone entering the building must be wearing a mask that fully covers their nose and their mouth and MUST be symptom free.