Last Updated: 8/20/2020 6:49 PM

The Naval Science curriculum is intended to develop informed citizens, to strengthen character, to promote an understanding of the military responsibilities of citizens in a democratic society, and to develop an appreciation of the U.S. Navy and the role of sea power in the national defense. The Naval Science program can provide a big assist for students seeking nomination to the Naval Academy and other academies or trying to qualify for an ROTC college scholarship from any of the Armed Forces. It can also be of considerable benefit to any person enlisting in the Armed Forces after graduation. Naval Science courses are full-credit elective courses. They are open to all students who meet the medical standards required to participate in the school physical education program. Enrollment in the first –year course does not obligate the student to continue in the curriculum nor does the student have any obligation to the Navy. NJROTC cadets are provided with uniforms, books, training aids, and other types of equipment paid for by the Navy. Cadets may take part in training cruises aboard naval ships on a voluntary basis. Other field trips are used to enhance their studies. Participation in drill teams, marksmanship teams, and extracurricular activities are encouraged but not required. Uniforms are required to be worn once a week.