Academies are small learning communities organized around broad-based career themes that integrate school, business, and community resources to prepare all students for a successful transition into adult life. These smaller, more personal learning environments create a strong sense of community that allows students to connect with each other and with others outside the school. The collaboration with business, community and post-secondary schools increase the relevance of instruction and prepare students for life-long learning, career achievement and satisfaction, and civic involvement and leadership. 

Students may choose from the following academies:

The Business & Information Technology Academy includes courses for students who are interested in the fields of computer programming, computer science, marketing, accounting, business management, office administration, and entrepreneurship. Core subjects incorporate business applications of subject knowledge. 

The Freshman Academy is for ninth grade students only. The focus in this academy is to help students transition from middle school to high school.  Essential skills have been identified and are taught and reinforced in the students’ classes.

The Judicial & Global Studies Academy includes courses for students who are interested in working with multicultural groups, world affairs, law enforcement, politics, human relations, and public service. Students will focus on developing leadership skills through classes and academy activities.

The Medical & Allied Health Academy focuses on careers in the “helping” fields. Advances in health care technology have created a need for people to communicate with and educate the public. Human services encompasses a variety of services to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of the community.

The Performing Arts Academy includes courses for students who are interested in the creative production of ideas and development of student talents. Core subjects encourage creative expression and matching talents with career paths.

The Science & Engineering Academy includes courses for students interested in careers that involve problem solving, investigation, and technical design. Engineers apply the theories and principles of science and mathematics to practical problems. Their work forms the crucial link between abstract scientific discovery and its practical application.

The Visual Arts & Communications Academy includes courses for students who are interested in communicating ideas, feelings, and thoughts both in a creative and factual way. Careers in the communication field continue to multiply as the types of communications increase and as more and more people make use of them. Communication technology demands an understanding of multimedia systems and their roles in today’s workforce.