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Fabrice DecaudinPrincipal

Fabrice Decaudin (

Welcome to another great school year! This year is proving to be one unlike any other.  However, I know that this is nothing our Snacks Rockets cannot handle. At Snacks Crossing, we talk about the Rocket Way. We want our students to show this in everything they do. Showing the Rocket Way means students should “Do the Right Thing and Treat People Right”! It is so important in this remote learning world we have found ourselves living in.

I do want to share that since we are beginning the school year remotely there are expectations on students that will be different from the past. For one, teachers will have a very detailed schedule that your child will need to follow. It is important that they log on the first day of school at 8 a.m. and 8:30 for Virtual School students.

On the MSD of Pike Township’s homepage, please visit the Family Support for Digital Learning link. This will help you troubleshoot any potential issues you may uncover with remote learning. This year will call for a lot of flexibility, Resilience and Grace.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to working with you and your family this year making Snacks Crossing a great place to learn online and in person.

Take care,

Mr. Decaudin

DeJuan MajorAssistant Principal

DaJuan Major

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