Last Updated: 8/27/2020 3:32 PM

 All students are invited to work through the ACT, SAT, and ASVAB test prep courses on their own for NO CREDIT. These courses have been developed to help students succeed on these standardized tests. These courses are through Edmentum which can be accessed through Clever at using your school google account and then clicking the Edmentum Course ware icon.

Once logged into Edmentum, students will need to self-enroll in the course. Click the Self-Enroll button in the bottom right corner. Once there enter the correct Self-Enroll Code and password from the list below.

ACT Test Prep
Self Enroll Code: 267cf1dd0494394890faf6baefa508ae
Password: pike

SAT Test Prep
Self-Enroll Code: 1788da66bd0e2e30ea0fd34be48b0055
Password: pike

Self-Enroll Code: 6361c8945bfe622bcc365242234d7a71
Password: ASVAB

ASVAB English
Self-Enroll Code: 71cd6fc770b4c0f13c76ed84da3fd69b
Password: ASVAB