College Planning Materials

Transitioning from high school to college is a major change for a lot of students. Although you have until your senior year to apply for the colleges or universities you choose, it's best to start applying during your junior year of high school so that you'll have a better chance of being accepted early. In college, school coursework comprises of considerably more reading and other class work than that is required in high school.Students should begin getting used to the extended workload during high school and the summer before college. Your senior year is an extremely busy time, with school work, activities, and school events. Make sure to remain on track with the school confirmations process. Get organized, know about due dates, and don't procrastinate.

Below I've created a list to help prepare you for getting ready for college.

1) Visit schools- Are you thinking about applying for a certain college or university, but is unsure whether it's the best fit for you? If so, try visiting colleges that seem interesting to you and figure out if you are comfortable with the type of environment, structure of the school, and other factors that will help you decide better.

2) Stay on track with your grades and extracurricular activities-