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ECA Review Resources

Passing the Algebra I and English 10 End of Course Assessment(ECA) exams are a requirement needed to receive an Indiana high school diploma. Below are resources that can assist students in preparing to take the exams.


Algebra I End of Course Assessment (ECA) Resources

Algebra I ECA Item Sampler (2011)

Algebra 1 ECA Item Sampler from 2011.pdfAlgebra 1 ECA Item Sampler from 2011.pdf

 Algebra I Open-Ended Test Questions and Scoring Rubric (2010)

algebra ECA released items and scoring notes.pdfAlgebra ECA released items and scoring notes.pdf


ECA Re-tester Review (10th – 12th graders)
Re-testing for the Algebra 1 ECA will begin the week of April 27, 2015 . 
Review sessions to prepare re-testers will take place on Wednesday & Thursday afternoons, 
from 2:30 – 3:30, beginning April 15th in the Pike High School Media Center.  
Transportation is not provided.
 Review Dates
April 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30
May 6, 7
Math Learning Centers
Please click thr link below for more information:

English 10 End of Course Assessment(ECA) Resources

English Learning Lab (tutoring/ECA review)



When: Tuesday and Wednesday


English 10 ECA Item Sampler and Rubric

English_10_Item_Sampler updated april 2011.pdfEnglish_10_Item_Sampler updated april 2011.pdf


Pike High School Students have access to the USA TestPrep website.
 Below you will find directions to access the site.

USA TestPrep

Directions:  Log on to a computer and follow the steps below to set up your account.
Step 1: Enter in the address bar
Step 2: Click on Member Login
Step 3: Click create account link below the password box
Step 4: Locate the School ID box and enter pikein
Step 5: Locate the Activation Code box and enter newton44
** You will be prompted with a confirmation of “found” and “student found”**
Step 6: Complete Login Information