Staff Members 2020-21

Meet the Teacher 2020-- Staff Directory
Last Updated: 9/9/2020 4:18 PM
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Phone Prefix: 388
Name Grade level/Position Phone number Email
Larry Huff Building Principal 7800
Kaitlyn Rose Asst. Principal 7800
Currie Gibson Kindergarten 7857
Staycie Lievens Kindergarten 7815
Sara Rogers Kindergarten 7814
Christine Bizzell 1st Grade Teacher 7824
Melissa Bailey 1st Grade Teacher
Lisa DeaKyne 1st Grade Teacher 7823
Abbie Hardesty 1st Grade Teacher
Faith Heminger 1st Grade Teacher
Pam Breedlove 2nd Grade Teacher 7819
Lori Calhoun-Terry 2nd Grade Teacher 7820
Jill Motluck 2nd Grade Teacher 7821
Cheryl Godsey 3rd Grade Teacher 7873
Andrea Holom 3rd Grade Teacher 7875
Kellie McHale 3rd Grade Teacher 7862
Angela Hooker 4th Grade Teacher 7869
Megan Quinn 4th Grade Teacher 7868
Tara Gornik 4th Grade Teacher 7866
Amber Payne 5th Grade Teacher 7876
Dorcas Lawson 5th Grade Teacher 7880
Brian McDorman 5th Grade Teacher 7878
Desiree Piche 5th Grade Teacher 7879
Stephanie Wilcox Exceptional Learners 7856
Nichole Winkle Exceptional Learners 7839
Corianne Myer Speech Pathologist 7828
Jonathan Fleetwood  Instructional Coach 7823
Rachael Ward Behavior Support Teacher
Lisa Kirkwood Art 7864
Brian Payne Physical Education 7847
Katie Ray Music 7845
John Aguilera Computer 7865
Alayna Pierce Librarian 7859
Lu Hesler Media Asst. 7861
Cecilia Johnson Instructional Asst.
Tamara Linza Instructional Asst.
Jessie Canady Instructional Asst.
Katie MacLean Instructional Asst.
Jennifer White Instructional Asst.
Karen Korn School Nurse 7810
Kirsten Wilson School Psycologist 2502
June French School Social Worker 7884
Kaywin Lawrence Cummins Therapist 7833
LeTia Searcy Cummins Life Skills Specialist 7834
Tiffany Thompson School Counselor 7884