Staff Members

Title First Name Last Name Grade Level Email Address Phone Number
Principal Raimeka Graham all 299-1266
Assistant Principal Raykisha Robinson all 299-1266
Interpreter Rosanna Gonzalez all 216-5208
Social Worker Carol Robinson all 216-5267
School Counselor Darryn Nichols all 216-5253
Nurse Tawanna Hurst all 216-5218
  Aigner Hart Kindergarten 216-5252
Teacher Jamie Wilson Kindergarten 216-5232
Teacher Tammy Mason Kindergarten 216-5240
Teacher Rachel Adams Kindergarten 216-5244
Teacher Suzy Davis 1st Grade 216-5239
Teacher Lindsay Johnson 1st Grade 216-5242
Teacher Pam Crum 1st Grade 216-5238
Teacher Angela Suski 2nd Grade 216-5203
Teacher Carla Fifer 2nd Grade 216-5259
Teacher Sheryl Lopez 2nd Grade 216-5204
Teacher Katie Sofianopoulos 2nd Grade 216-5265
Teacher Nichole McFadden 3rd Grade 216-5221
Teacher Sarah James 3rd Grade 216-5250
Teacher Jill Carbaugh 3rd Grade 216-5257
Teacher Sheri Wood 3rd Grade 216-5237
Teacher Cori Firkins 4th Grade  
Teacher Moriah Offutt 4th Grade 216-5251
Teacher Jeanne Anderson 4th Grade 216-5254
Teacher Erica Granger 4th Grade 216-5234
Teacher Amanda McCreary 4th Grade 216-5231
Teacher Marquesa Smith 5th Grade 216-5266
Teacher Karen Quashie 5th Grade 216-5249
Teacher Heidi Mena 5th Grade 216-5246
Teacher Todd Vangets 5th Grade 216-5255
Teacher Brandy McClure 5th Grade 216-5261
Resource Teacher Amy Gatman 4 and 5 216-5235
Resource Teacher Julie Kuhn 3 and 4 216-5233
Resource Teacher Caitlin Laurino K, 1 and 2 216-5245
Speech Pathologist Michaela Austin all 216-5212
Music Teacher Carol Thorne all 216-5225
P.E. Teacher Andrew Cox all 216-5226
Art Teacher Melissa Helmerick all 216-5222
Media Specialist Kris MacBain all 216-5223
Technology Amy Drlich all 216-5219
Instructional Coach Grace Miranda all  216-5243
Title 1 Teacher JoEllen Gatte all 216-5243
English as a New Language Jenna Gavit all  
Occupational Therapist Leslie Young all 387-5957
Media Assistant Tameara Grayson-Bailey all 216-5224
School Psychologist Robbi Miller all